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    Cloud Cuckoo Land: A Novel Cover Image
    ISBN: 9781982168438
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    Published: Scribner - September 28th, 2021

    A glory of a novel, this tale of children trying to figure out the world around them is, above all else, about books. About story. As its cast of characters moves us across continents and ages from ancient Greece to the present and beyond, we fall in love with the best of them—and the worst: Anna, a child trying unsuccessfully to behave in a convent in 5th century Constantinople;  Omeir, the youth who waits outside its walls in the company of thousands of Ottomans; Seymour, a present-day eco-terrorist bent on saving the earth; Konstance, a girl encased in a spaceship who has never known our beloved earth; Zeno, a boy who grows up in the forests and years later returns home to help five children produce a play. And, of course, the narrator of that play, his voice, taken from the folios of Cloud Cuckoo Land, an ancient novel and the connective tissue of Doerr’s—which becomes, in an eerie sense, the history of all books. The tale of their fragility. And their strength. Both narratives fill the heart with terror and love and compassion, dread and humor; Doerr’s also manages to encompass our struggling planet and the continuum of our history. Impossible to put down and, once finished, life-changing, Cloud Cuckoo Land is the kind of book you hope will come your way but almost never does. An absolute masterpiece.

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