Ibid: A Novel (Paperback)

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Ibid: A Novel (Paperback)


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Only Mark Dunn, author of the acclaimed Ella Minnow Pea, would attempt to write a novel entirely in footnotes-and succeed so triumphantly. Ibid is the off-the-wall fictional biography of Jonathan Blashette, a three-legged circus performer and deodorant entrepreneur. Dunn, a character in his own novel, is Blashette's esteemed biographer. But when Dunn's editor destroys the manuscript in an unfortunate bathtub accident, all that remains are the footnotes, which they arrange to publish in a consummate portrait of Blashette's strangely hilarious life story, one that offers some infinitely interesting morsels of American cultural history. Of course, as endnotes go, these are the tidbits, the marginalia: snippets of commentary, correspondence, court transcripts, song lyrics, and even a recipe for Boston baked beans. But in the topsy-turvy world of Ibid, the footnotes tell the truest story of all.

MARK DUNN is the author of Ella Minnow Pea and Welcome to Higby. Originally from Memphis, he now makes his home in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Product Details ISBN: 9780156031004
ISBN-10: 0156031000
Publisher: Harper Perennial
Publication Date: June 1st, 2005
Pages: 264
Language: English

"Delicious reading. The writing's playful and witty, and there's a good bit of inventive silliness to the tale. Dazzling fun." - THE BOSTON GLOBE

"As fun and non-nutritious as picking the most buttery kernels of popcorn out of the bowl, Ibid is a book-long structural stunt . . . God really is in the details."-TIME OUT NEW YORK