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Chahta Anumpa: A Grammar of the Choctaw Language (Compact Disc)

Chahta Anumpa: A Grammar of the Choctaw Language Cover Image
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A Choctaw Tutorial CD-Rom, by Marcia Haag and Loretta Fowler

Designed for use with Choctaw Language and Culture, this interactive CD-Rom allows language students to watch the pronunciations of Choctaw speakers Buster Jefferson and Leroy Sealy while they hear and learn Choctaw words, phrases, and stories.

The lessons are divided into three parts, with instructional sections that focus on grammatical constructions, vocabulary, and comprehension. Students see and hear the Choctaw speakers pronounce words and phrases. They then choose the correct translation by clicking the mouse on the button that corresponds to the image or English phrase. The word kiyo, no, appears if the choice is incorrect, and achukma, good, with a smiling face, appears when the student responds correctly. Interactive buttons allow students to repeat each selection as needed, to advance and move back within the lessons, or to get

additional help.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780806133799
ISBN-10: 0806133791
Publisher: University of Oklahoma Press
Publication Date: October 15th, 2001
Language: English