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Mapping Trophy Bucks: Using Topographic Maps to Find Deer (Paperback)

Mapping Trophy Bucks: Using Topographic Maps to Find Deer Cover Image
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Using Topographic Maps to Find Deer

Topographic maps and aerial photos can lead you right to the biggest bucks you've ever seen. You just have to know how to use them.

Brad Herndon takes the mystery out of finding deer with maps. Through years of dedicated hunting and careful study of maps and photos, Herndon has perfected the use of maps to find the routes deer travel. And once you know where the deer will be headed you can establish the perfect ambush site.

Maps are often the forgotten link in scouting prime deer habitat. Yet because they show you all the hills, gullies, rivers and ridges, you can learn the lay of the land without walking mile after unproductive mile. Maps won't eliminate the need to get in the woods, but they will tell the best places to start your search for the buck of your dreams.

Herndon also shows hunters how to use the latest Internet and computer technology to personalize any map. Mark your stand locations, the locations of deer sign, even note the best possible wind direction to make your hunt a success.

If you hunt deer, let Mapping Trophy Bucks lead you right to where the big boys hide. The rest is up to you.

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ISBN: 9780873495035
ISBN-10: 0873495039
Publisher: Krause Publications
Publication Date: September 17th, 2003
Pages: 192
Language: English