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Badminton Between the Covers (Paperback)

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A book for all those who have played, still play and would consider playing along with an essential requirement for all colleges, schools and libraries. The vast majority of badminton players have a rather limited knowledge of the game which is usually restricted to the confines of their local club and league. Sadly the few books that were of any help in this respect are now long ago out of print. So here at long last is an insight into the wonderful world of the sport of Badminton. An insight into the game of Badminton as found on the pages of a great variety of books and magazines. Graham Dixon has used his collection of badminton books and magazines along with the resources of the National Badminton Museum to produce a remarkable insight into the game of badminton as recorded by players and writers over the last 120 years. Fifteen chapters deal with such facets of the game as;- The history and development - Books and magazines - The All England Championships - Veteran players - How to play - Shuttles - Rackets - Clothing - Courts and Equipment - Some serious facts - Some 'funny' stuff - Some of the great players and a most comprehensive bibliography. The book is in full colour and fully illustrated with some classic, informative and amusing illustrations from a variety of sources. Steven Baddeley, Director of National Sport, Sport England, in his forward to the book says, 'If you enjoy a weekly game of badminton with family or friends or if you play in a local league, you will enjoy reading this informative account of badminton past and present'.

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ISBN: 9781434379238
ISBN-10: 143437923X
Publisher: Authorhouse
Publication Date: July 24th, 2008
Pages: 220
Language: English