This Calder Range (Paperback)

This first historical romance in the epic and unforgettable Calder Saga, from New York Times bestselling author Janet Dailey, whisks us across the bucolic lands of 19th-century America.

Chase Benteen Calder is bound to wrest a fortune from Montana land, where the whisper of riches sweeps across a sea of buffalo grass. With the formidable and loving Lorna at his side, he will breathe life into his dream.

Through the treacherous Texas prairie, the perils of Indian country, and a bustling Dodge City, they forge their way to Montana. With Calder strength, they will harvest their fortune from the rich earth, no matter what.
Janet Dailey (1944–2013) published her first book in 1976. During her lifetime, she wrote more than 100 novels and became one of the top-selling female authors in the world, with 300 million copies of her books sold in nineteen languages in ninety-eight countries. She is known for her strong, decisive characters, her extraordinary ability to recreate a time and a place, and her unerring courage to confront important, controversial issues in her stories. You can learn more about Janet at
Product Details ISBN: 9781439189108
ISBN-10: 1439189102
Publisher: Gallery Books
Publication Date: October 12th, 2009
Pages: 450
Language: English
Series: Calder