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Secrets to Keep Moving: A Guide from a Podiatrist (Paperback)

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Dr Richard Blake is a podiatrist in San Francisco, California. He has been practicing podiatry for 35 years with a focus on injury rehabilitation. That focus has lead to many of the book's non surgical approaches to over 50 injuries or conditions presented in the pages. Dr Blake is a teacher by heart with a blog drblakeshealingsole and You Tube channel by the same name. This book originated from the pages of the blog and starts with general principles. These general principles work to help the reader know about injury rehabilitation from getting second opinions, to understanding the pain scale, to giving a good history, to good versus bad pain, to walk run programs, to fracture healing concepts, to phases of rehabilitation, to name a few. Then Dr Blake devotes 7 of the 15 chapters to specific conditions from the big toe area, mid foot, heel, ankle, achilles, and lower leg. These specific injuries include bunions, sesamoid injuries, metatarsal fractures, morton's neuroma, arch pain, posterior tibial injuries, plantar fasciitis, plantar fascial tears, ankle sprains, achilles tendinitis, shin splints, and calf strains. Dr Blake hopes this knowledge will help many heal quicker, and move safer. Dr Blake's common mantra is to keep moving in life, that movement is one of the secrets of a healthy life, and he tries to pass his observations along on how that can be accomplished.

About the Author

Dr Richard Blake is a podiatrist practicing in San Francisco, California. He is an athlete with a deep passion for teaching. He practices sports medicine principles from top competitors to beginning walkers. He has written numerous articles, lectured nationally and internationally, and lectures at a local school of podiatry. He invented the Inverted Orthotic Technique for flat feet used world wide. Dr Blake practices non-surgical podiatry, so the book emphasis is on conservative treatment of various foot, ankle, and lower leg complaints. He stresses general rules like creating a pain free environment for healing. He introduces the reader to podiatry through general principles and specific injuries with the goal of making the reader much more part of the doctor/patient/therapist team. Dr Blake has been practicing for 35 years, starting at the beginning of sports medicine. He tries to be true to the TEAM approach to injuries where each individual has a say in the process. He has worked with numerous professions in his attempt to treat these athletes, but limits this book to a unique blend of self care, podiatry, and physical therapy principles.

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Publication Date: December 21st, 2016
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