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Kip's Tips (Paperback)

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Horsemanship is a never-ending process of learning and problem solving. In Kip's Tips, author Kip Rosenthal addresses a host of questions and topics related to riding and jumping. Based on her more than sixty years of experience in the equestrian field, coupled with her degree in sports psychology, Rosenthal shares a wealth of knowledge about: flat exercises for riders and horses, including such topics as the rider's position in the saddle at the walk, trot, canter, and gallop; coordinating rein and leg aids; lengthening and shortening the horse's stride; and exercises to work on. jumping exercises for riders and horses, such as the rider's position during the approach; flight and landing, cavalettis; cross rails, verticals, and oxers; identifying and correcting horse disobediences; and understanding when to increase obstacle height and width. horse show competition topics like finding suitable horse shows, divisions, and classes; preparing at home and in the schooling ring; analyzing equitation, hunter, and jumper courses; and determining when to move to advanced levels. sports psychology, including becoming mentally and emotionally prepared for lessons and competitions and developing techniques to a positive attitude. Providing a greater understanding and appreciation of the sport and their horses, Kip's Tips presents the perfect guide for all ages and levels of trainers, owners, riders, and parents.

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ISBN: 9781532081408
ISBN-10: 1532081405
Publisher: iUniverse
Publication Date: June 22nd, 2020
Pages: 102
Language: English