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Jeff Menzel and the 2011 Gauchos (Paperback)

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This is not a season summary, nor a biography--but an autobiographical biographical summary of a life, volleyball career and team that converged in glory one year. The 2011 Gauchos Men's Volleyball team beat the #1 USC Trojans two times in one week, as part of the best Cinderella run in the sport's history. Bill Watkins, alcoholic poet, recounts that run through a historical prism, dissecting the sport, how it is played, and how it should be played.

About the Author

Shaped and formed by alcoholism, along with a love for politics and service discouraged by age discrimination, Bill had a spiritual awakening in 1995, and has been on the road of truth, creativity and self-discovery ever since. Born in Pasadena, California in 1972, Bill grew up in nearby San Marino until age five. At six, his parents divorced-and from then until 12-step recovery found him in 1995, Bill turned to excessive sports and alcohol to compensate for a spiritually void life. Poetry came to Bill in his recovery life, and he founded to self-publish and explore passion for rare poems. His poetry and prose books are being distributed and sold in hope of stirring young people to better lives than his own.

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ISBN: 9781544194912
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Publication Date: May 29th, 2017
Pages: 264
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