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Confucius: The Sage on the Road (Hardcover)

Confucius: The Sage on the Road Cover Image
By Qian Ning, Perry W. Ma (Translator), Frederick Young (Translator)
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Retold as an entertaining and readable story, this chronicle of Confucius' travels brings a new perspective to the teachings of this ancient sage.

Reading about the life of Confucius--the renowned Chinese philosopher--never seems old-fashioned, even in this era of constant change. For millennia his philosophy and teachings have deeply influenced the lives and politics of people in China and many other countries in Asia.

What led to his great fame? What lay inside his mind? What is the Great Way, and why did Confucius devote his entire life to it? Touched by Confucius' persistence and faith even after numerous failures, the author, Mr. Qian Ning, was inspired to depict Confucius' life story in modern style while basing the story strictly on credible ancient sources.

The book chronicles Confucius frustrated travels and meetings with the dukes of various states and introduces Confucius' political philosophy, his rumination on education, and his theory of the junzi (a morally superior individual).

As readers follow Confucius' footsteps through the book, an intimate portrait of Confucius emerges, helping readers understand the sage in a new light, as a real man of flesh and blood. At the same time, readers will learn about one of the most tumultuous, thrilling periods of Chinese history, the warring States era, during which ancient Chinese philosophy was born.

About the Author

Qian Ning worked as a Michigan Journalism Fellow in 1989-1990. His book, Chinese Students Encounter America, was a bestseller in China.

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ISBN: 9781602202290
ISBN-10: 160220229X
Publisher: Shanghai Press
Publication Date: April 10th, 2011
Pages: 324
Language: English