Planet Alt-Sete-Nine: Book 2 Princess Haylee (Paperback)

Planet Alt-Sete-Nine: Book 2 Princess Haylee By B. J. Neblett Cover Image

Planet Alt-Sete-Nine: Book 2 Princess Haylee (Paperback)


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The Lost Princess has returned And with the young warrior Cailey as her protector, and the old wizardess Azami as her guide, it is time to accept her birthright. As her first official act she has revived the planet from its long magic induced sleep. But the fateful odyssey of Princess Haylee is just beginning. Now she must find a way to proclaim herself to the people as the ruling queen of Planet Alt-Sete-Nine. But things are not always as they seem in this enigmatic land of magic and mystery. What wonders await the princess in the forgotten city of Galloway and deserted Castle Venatus? For Princess Haylee Aramynta Rhamen the journey to claim her heritage will be one of self-discovery. Along the way she will find new friends and face new dangers, including meeting the Goddess Sete, and encountering the fearful Wendigo Atchen. And Haylee will finally learn the tragic story of her parents and uncover the truth about the Hundred Years War and the deadly Mutant Sand Skunk uprising. But will these discoveries and revelations lead her to her legacy, or set the awakening planet on a course to chaos?

Meanwhile, programming whiz Jake Darrow believes his latest video game creation has somehow stolen away his girlfriend Haylee. Aided by his close friend Barb, and with the entire resources of the giant Technopoly Corporation at his disposal, Jake will search for his missing sweetheart, but find mystery and intrigue of his own.

Has Haylee succumbed to the trappings of Game Transfer Phenomena? Has Jake unwittingly opened a portal into a new dimension? Is the game's revolutionary Artificial Intelligence at work here? Or is the inscrutable Great Wizard Inhodu to blame?

"An exciting follow-up that seamlessly intertwines Haylee's journey of self-discovery and the repercussions for those she left behind."

KJ McPike author of the Souls Untethered Saga.

Product Details ISBN: 9781621835905
ISBN-10: 1621835901
Publisher: Brighton Publishing LLC
Publication Date: March 3rd, 2021
Pages: 316
Language: English