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Haitian Creole Children's Book: 20 Friendly Dinosaurs (Paperback)

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Haitian Creole Children's Book: 20 Friendly Dinosaurs Cover Image
By Federico Bonifacini (Illustrator), Roan White
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Dinosaurs are friendly. Dinosaurs are fun. Dinosaurs are here for everyone. This fun book with gorgeous color illustrations includes 20 of the most common dinosaurs, from the largest ones such as the Tyrannosaurus to the smaller ones such as Velociraptor, all of them in Haitian Creole. Including colorful backgrounds, lovely and friendly personalities, as well as dinosaur names, this book will entertain and educate your kids. Learning about dinosaurs has never been this fun. We hope you enjoy this beautifully illustrated book.
Product Details
ISBN: 9781718740709
ISBN-10: 1718740700
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: May 4th, 2018
Pages: 26
Language: English