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The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (annotated) (Paperback)

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Annotations This book is unique because it contains a literary criticism that was made by Juan AcevedoIn front of the open spaces of the sea and adventure, the case of Dr. Jekyll takes place at night, in the cold and unpalatable streets of London. The problem of opposition or dissociation of good and evil arises here in a novel where terror and intrigue flow in parallel doses. Marheim will offer us the already personalized evil: the devil as a purified form of his presence in the world and a scrupulous censor of the acts performed by man. Olalla is an impossible love story, set in a "gothic novel" scenario, with touches of terror underscored by a prophecy of fire and destruction.Before reading this review I propose something to you, think about a situation where you have acted badly and your behavior has been punished, reproved and badly seen.Have you already identified it?I'm sure it has happened to you even though you are the "best person in the world". But do not torment yourself because the binomial of goodness-badness in the human being is not a novelty, because it has been analyzed from all points of view and throughout the years, from philosophy to psychology.Now, imagine that you could detach yourself from that evil part of you. Does it sound like science fiction? Well, in this story everything can be possible.Precisely this theme used Robert Stevenson for The strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, a classic of mystery and intrigue where he tries to give an explanation to this situation showing the true nature of man: it is a being moved by two disparate trends where angels fight against demons at all costs their old battle.I learned to recognize the complete and primitive duality of man. I realized that, of the two natures that fought on the battlefield of my conscience, even though it could be rightly said that I was either, it was only because I was radically both.The story of this book begins with the presentation of the lawyer Gabriel John Utterson, who during a walk with his cousin, Mr. Enfield, begins to be interested in a malevolent character from an anecdote told by the latter. A few days later, Utterson learns of the presence of a strange newcomer to the neighborhood: Edward Hyde, a person very close to Dr. Henry Jekyll, a well-known scientist friend of his. While word of a man's murder spreads, Mr. Utterson will begin to suspect Mr. Hyde, not only for his grotesque appearance, but for his perverse personality. In addition to this, the long absence of Dr. Jekyll will raise even more doubts in this case where nothing is as it seems.
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