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Wildflower Girl: A Lifelong Journey Beyond the Trail (Paperback)

Wildflower Girl: A Lifelong Journey Beyond the Trail Cover Image
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Wildflower Girl is the autobiographical story of Dana Quinney, a girl who grew up in Ketchum, Idaho during the 1950s and became a field biologist.

Born to love the richness and magic of the wilds, Dana rode horses and learned to fly fish from her father, a legendary guide. She learned the names of flowers and trees, and the habits of animals that lived nearby . . . she knew what forces built the landscape she saw from her bedroom window, and grew up to find adventure in the wild places of the world.

A beautiful and fascinating story.

"A refreshing and delightful read. Dana expresses her early life experiences with nature so clearly and vividly . . it reminded me not to be so overwhelmed with present day issues and to appreciate the past events in my life. Thanks, Dana." - Peter Walker, District Forest Ranger of the U.S. Forest Service (Ret)

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ISBN: 9781733819305
ISBN-10: 1733819304
Publisher: Hidden Shelf Publishing House
Publication Date: April 30th, 2019
Pages: 226
Language: English