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The Gamekeeper at Home - Sketches of Natural History and Rural Life (Paperback)

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Richard Jefferies is famous for his tales of country life. The Gamekeeper At Home is probably his best known work, truly reflecting those by-gone days when the Gamekeeper was a vital part of rural activities. He discusses the man himself and how he fits into the community and examines his relations with his family. His area of activity is covered - the fields, the woods, the meadows and the ponds and streams. The world around him needs protection from the predators that kill the game and disturb the balance of nature. There is contact with his dogs and other animals such as rabbits and deer as well as the traditional enemies such as the fox. All parts are brought together so the reader can sense the activity of the countryside and the efforts to keep its integral parts operating in harmony. This understanding is enhanced by the masterly drawings by Charles Whymper. List of Chapters: I. THE MAN HIMSELF - HIS HOUSE, AND TOOLS II. HIS FAMILY AND CASTE III. IN THE FIELDS IV. HIS DOMINIONS: - THE WOODS - MEADOWS - AND WATER V. SOME OF HIS SUBJECTS: DOGS, RABBITS, MICE AND SUCH SMALL DEER VI. HIS ENEMIES BIRDS AND BEAASTS OF PREY - TRESPASSERS VII. PROFESSIONAL POACHERS - THE ART OF WIRING GAME VIII. THE FIELD DETECTIVE - FISH POACHING IX. GUERILLA WARFARE - GUN ACCIDENTS - BLACK SHEEP

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ISBN: 9781846643569
ISBN-10: 1846643562
Publisher: Home Farm Books
Publication Date: January 1st, 2006
Pages: 228
Language: English