21st Century Philosophy (Hardcover)

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21st Century Philosophy (Hardcover)


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21st Century Philosophy uses selected popular texts as a window through which to examine contemporary social and cultural issues. What are the long-term prospects for 'New Atheism'? On balance, is the United States chiefly a force for good, or is it bent on hegemony? Is the optimism of the Enlightenment a historical curiosity, or can it be revived? To what extent can quality fiction enlarge the modern imagination, and how far are we stuck in a rut of banality? What is the connection between academic ideals and the proliferation of kitsch? What light can Rousseau or Russell, Hume or Heidegger, Schopenhauer or Sartre shed on these sorts of questions - if any? The book consists of eight essays that can be read in any order.

The author has a master's degree and a DPhil, both in Philosophy.

Product Details ISBN: 9781913851460
ISBN-10: 191385146X
Publisher: Cool Millennium
Publication Date: September 2nd, 2021
Pages: 268
Language: English