Graveyards, Visions, and Other Things that Byte (Dowser 8.5) (Paperback)

The warriors have fallen. And those they previously protected must now band together to keep the invaders at bay. Mory, a young necromancer; Rochelle, a pregnant oracle; and Jasmine, a fledgling vampire, will do whatever it takes, whatever the cost, to prevent the fated future from unfolding. Even if that means they must become warriors themselves.

Graveyards, Visions, and Other Things that Byte consists of three novellas narrated by Mory, Rochelle, and Jasmine, and is set in the Dowser series. It is intended to be read between Dowser 8 and Dowser 9.
Product Details ISBN: 9781927850824
ISBN-10: 1927850827
Publisher: Old Man in the Crosswalk Productions
Publication Date: November 28th, 2018
Pages: 230
Language: English
Series: Dowser