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Lacrosse: A Guide for Parents and Players (Paperback)

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The most complete guide to Lacrosse - America's fastest growing team sport Action-packed and fun, lacrosse is a game anyone can play - the big and small, boys and girls. Lacrosse offers a positive outlet, a place to fit in at school, motivation to excel, and opportunities for team travel. Lacrosse can even potentially mean money for college, and can influence career choices. Whether your kid is 8 or 18, experienced or just starting, this book is the complete guide to all that lacrosse has to offer. * How to Get Started In Lacrosse * Game and Rules Made Simple * Find The Right Team for Your Son or Daughter * Motivate Players as They Move Up * Pick the Right Gear and Save * Prepare for Lacrosse College Years * Gain Insight into Lacrosse Organizations and Championships Empower yourself with practical answers and unique ideas, whether you are new to lacrosse or once were a player. Make lacrosse an exhilarating part of your family life.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781932421071
ISBN-10: 1932421076
Publisher: Mansion Grove House
Publication Date: November 22nd, 2006
Pages: 180
Language: English