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Swim Speed Workouts for Swimmers and Triathletes: The Breakout Plan for Your Fastest Freestyle (Other)

Swim Speed Workouts for Swimmers and Triathletes: The Breakout Plan for Your Fastest Freestyle Cover Image
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Swim Speed Workouts is a deck of waterproof swim workout cards, drills, and dryland exercises that are carefully designed to develop the world's fastest freestyle swimming technique.

In this updated edition, 4-time Olympian, gold medalist, and triathlon world Sheila Taormina provides the essential instruction, workouts, drills, and training plan to take your freestyle swimming speed to a whole new level. Swim Speed Workouts applies the principles of Taormina's best-selling Swim Speed Secrets, so swimmers and triathletes can get in the pool and get fast.

With new drills, more technique instruction, and additional coaching tips, the updated Swim Speed Workouts draws from Taormina's own 30-year racing and coaching career to offer a meticulously designed program that will build your freestyle speed one crucial step at a time.

Over 16 weeks, you'll enjoy challenging, fun, dynamic workouts that perfect the essential elements of world-class swim technique. Each waterproof workout card reveals the Olympic-level swimming drills, kick sets, and drylands that develop speed in the world's fastest swimmers. You will improve your stroke and speed by mastering key elements such as hand entry, hand speed, high-elbow catch, underwater pull, stroke finish, core drive, and propulsive kick.

Swim Speed Workouts unlocks the secrets to swimming performance, building up swimmers and triathletes to breakthrough swim speed.

Also available from VeloPress: Try out a free download of the first week of workouts and see video demos of the program's swimming drills.

About the Author

Sheila Taormina is one of a handful of athletes who have competed in four Olympic games and the only woman in the world to have competed in three distinctly different sports--swimming, triathlon, and modern pentathlon. Although only 5' 2," Taormina refined her exceptional freestyle swim technique to win a gold medal in the 1996 Olympics and the 2004 ITU triathlon world championship. For 15 years, Taormina has coached elite and age-group swimmers and triathletes to develop the strong underwater pull that propelled her to the pinnacle of athletic success in her racing career. Taormina conducts dozens of swim clinics around the world each year.

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ISBN: 9781948007023
ISBN-10: 1948007029
Publisher: VeloPress
Publication Date: July 17th, 2019
Language: English
Series: Swim Speed