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Cycling Training Made Simple, Smart, and Safe: Understand How to Cycle in 60 Minutes (Paperback)

Cycling Training Made Simple, Smart, and Safe: Understand How to Cycle in 60 Minutes Cover Image
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Do you have a dream of cycling?

If so, this book is exactly what you are looking for. It prepares you with everything you need to get started with cycling so that you can be smart and safe.

Here are some of the topics discussed:

  • The type of bike to get
  • How To Set Up Your Bike
  • The Equipment You'll Need
  • How To Maintain Your Bike
  • The Clothing You'll Need
  • How To Stay Safe
  • Cycling Laws
  • Etiquette
  • How To Train
  • How To Race
  • How To Prevent Injury
  • How To Stay Hydrated & What To Eat

The author, Chris Horner is a professional cyclist, who is passionate about it. In his free time, he likes to teach people the things he's learned over his years of cycling.

What Readers are Saying:

"I am 69 years young. been in poor health for several years. Now, am walking and swimming. I am out of leg braces (doctor does not know, but that will not hurt her.LOL) I feel great so I wanted to bike. groceries, maybe up to leisure rides with slow group rides. but knew nothings of what to buy or where to start. This book hits all basis from total beginner to someone who finally gets bite by the bug to race. He talks a nuitrions and and not olny biking buty building foundation core strength necessary for maybe pulling up baby hills. with out dying. I found so much information I never thought of. I thought go buy bike garage sale or box store and hit the road. BUT not so. Sure after reading this book you may be able to find what you want in those places but be warned not before. Have fun."

Product Details
ISBN: 9781952964060
ISBN-10: 1952964067
Publisher: MGM Books
Publication Date: May 25th, 2020
Pages: 60
Language: English