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The Foot: From Evaluation to Surgical Correction (Hardcover)

The Foot: From Evaluation to Surgical Correction Cover Image
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This book guides the reader on a rational pathway from anamnesis and clinical examination (with supporting illustrations), through radiological screening to the appropriate surgical solution. Proposed treatments and treatment results at about one year of follow-up are described in detail with the aid of intra- and postoperative photographs and radiographs. The text is limited to systematic description, and numerous references are included to the earlier parts of the book in order to clearly link the preoperative evaluation to the treatment. It is particular to the surgical correction of foot and ankle pathology that the treatment is nearly always "composite" or complex, in that it entails several separate actions. Thus, surgical correction often has one or more structural components (e.g., osteotomy, arthrodesis) and one or more functional or motor components. It is the aim of the book to explain the effect and rationale of every one of these single "actions". ​

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ISBN: 9783662476963
ISBN-10: 3662476967
Publisher: Springer
Publication Date: October 28th, 2015
Pages: 216
Language: English