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Navajo Texts (Paperback)

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The Navajo texts were collected in 1923 and 1924 by Pliny Earle Goddard. He had recorded the texts at the dictation of Sandoval (Hastiin Tl'ohtsahii, Mister Buffalo Grass), a Navajo, learned in his lore, who lived at Shiprock, New Mexico. It was the first accurately recorded texts in Navajo. This body of myth has the distinction of not belonging to a definite chant. Sandoval learned the stories from his maternal grandfather Ba'ilinkoje. The collection of stories in this book includes Emergence stories, Clan origins and migrations, the story of the Gambler, creation of Sun and Moon, naming the months, the Creation of the horse and others. Goddard had devoted practically a lifetime to the study of the Athabaskan languages. The alphabet employed in the text is that published in Smithsonian Miscellaneous Collections, vol. 66, no. 6. You can download a copy at our Native Child website.

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