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Books for the Bus

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About the Program

The Friends of the Salt Lake City Library a 501(c)(3) organization was established to help support library programs and service. We are launching a program to get books into the hands of At-Risk youth who, due to COVID-19, are often not receiving regular schooling and for whom access to online library services may be a challenge. By encouraging young people to read, through owning books, we hope to help fill the education gap the students may be experiencing currently.

The program will be launched in early June with partnerships with the Salt Lake City Education Foundation and local booksellers. The program, in addition to providing books for students, will also help local indie bookstores by purchasing the students’ books from them.

The goal is to get books in the hands of Title I students. In collaboration with the breakfast and lunch program of the Salt Lake City School District, books will be distributed along with supplemental food to needy students through the SLCSD school bus distribution program.

The Friends of the Library, also in partnership with the Salt Lake City Library, is working with other community- based organizations to provide books to Salt Lake senior centers, families in low-income apartment complexes, to immigrant populations and service providers and VOA Resource Centers.

For five decades, the Friends of the Salt Lake City Public Library have put forward initiatives to support the library system of Utah's capital city. By spearheading fundraising efforts, volunteering, and advocacy, the Friends are a vital sister organization to The City Library.

The Friends of the Library will be seeking funding support for this program from local businesses, individuals, and philanthropic organizations.

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