And West Is West

And West Is West by Ron Childress

And West Is West By Ron Childress Cover Image
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ISBN: 9781616205232
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Published: Algonquin Books - October 13th, 2015

A hand hovering over a control; a question about what the camera is revealing; an order from above. And so lives change—just as they do in another part of the U.S. where another finger hovers over another button while a distracted mind calculates odds. Once again a button is pushed and once again lives change. The control in the first instance is in the hands of Jessica, a drone pilot in the Nevada desert, who sees innocents enter her target area but is ordered to fire anyway. The button in the second instance is controlled by Ethan, whose specialty is calculating the impact of terrorism on the markets of the world and who, with one push of a button, one miscalculation he may or may not have made, is cast out like Jessica, adrift in a world with which he is not prepared to cope. Through the eyes of Ethan and Jessica, both on the run, both searching for a way to get at the truth of what has happened, the story expands, explodes, pulling us into intersecting lives and into the web of technologies the impact of which we’re just beginning to understand. And West Is West is not just a great read, it’s eye-opening in terrifying ways. – Betsy Burton