Local First Utah

Thank You, Salt Lake City!

Local First Utah has been working with Salt Lake City government for eight years, working toward developing a program that would help foster locally owned independent businesses. Why? Because the city recognizes the benefits of local business to the economy and to the character of our community. After much planning, the city’s Community and Economic Development department,  has announced a new initiative, EnterpriseSaltLake, the local business portion of which contains several things hugely beneficial to local business:

  • A Buy Your Building initiative providing low-interest loans that will help businesses buy their buildings. The result? Businesses will control their destinies, will become more sustainable, and so will our economy—and our community!
  • Several changes in city hall’s planning and zoning departments which will make it far simpler to acquire permits.
  • A comprehensive zoning review to remove the meaningless barriers and obsolete requirements that make change so difficult for businesses and for residents.

Thank you Salt Lake City!