Local Showcase!

Local Showcase is our city celebrating our city! It's a mini street festival set up around the bookshop: free, fun, kid friendly, pet friendly, music friendly, food friendly, art friendly, and best of all, neighbor friendly! Learn about new things, shop the amazing street at 15th and 15th, enjoy a tasty treat, and listen to some great music. 

The Showcase will host a variety of interesting indie artists and makers, including: 

Bryan Young, Author

Bryan Young (he/they) works across many different media. His work as a writer and producer has been called "filmmaking gold" by The New York Times. He's also published comic books with Slave Labor Graphics and Image Comics. He's been a regular contributor for the Huffington Post, StarWars.com, Star Wars Insider magazine, SYFY, /Film, and was the founder and editor in chief of the geek news and review site Big Shiny Robot! In 2014, he wrote the critically acclaimed history book, A Children’s Illustrated History of Presidential Assassination. He co-authored Robotech: The Macross Saga RPG has written two books in the BattleTech Universe: Honor's Gauntlet and A Question of Survival. His latest book, The Big Bang Theory Book of Lists is a #1 Bestseller on Amazon. His work has won two Diamond Quill awards and in 2023 he was named Writer of the Year by the League of Utah Writers. He teaches writing for Writer’s Digest, Script Magazine, and at the University of Utah.

Celeste Edmunds, Author

At age 7, I was taken by the state and placed into a child welfare system, where moving every few months to a new environment became normal. So did living out of a garbage bag. By age sixteen, I had lived in more than 30 cities.

My childhood was a difficult and often unbearable experience where evil manipulation almost broke my spirit. But there were also caring people along the way who stepped in to do what they could to protect and nurture me, and as an adult, I look back at those moments and realize that they saved my life. My goal is to help as many children in the child welfare system have the opportunities for success that I was not provided.

T.R. Jensen, Author

T. R. Jensen has been telling stories from a young age but has only recently stepped into the publishing world. She studied zoology at Weber State University and spent time assisting with cheetah conservation in Kenya. In 2019, she spent two weeks in the lower Himalayas tracking red pandas in eastern Nepal.

When not writing, she collects rare books and vintage comics and is part of the cast for the TTRPG podcast Misfortune's Corner. An amateur wildlife photographer, she has had photos featured in traveling shows throughout Utah in recent years. 

Her love of adventure, far off places, and fantasy played a large role when she seriously took up the pen in 2019 to start working on her first novel. In late September of 2023, she published Treasured Bones and is hard at work on her next publication, Darkest Shadows.

Mark Doherty, Author & Musician

Mark Doherty was born and raised in the Colorado Rockies where he developed his passion for both the outdoors and music. After graduating from Western State College of Colorado with a BA in English and Writing, he moved to Moab, Utah where he worked as a guide, songwriter musician, and carpenter for nearly ten years. In 1993 he married mountaineer Deborah Read and  moved to the Salt Lake City area to work for 27 years as a high school English teacher.  In 2016 he completed his MA degree in English: Writing Creative Nonfiction. In 2018 and 2019 Mark published a poetry chapbook Walking Natural Pathways, and an anecdote-filled complete work of nonfiction Creativity, Teaching, and Natural Inspiration. These two books along with five more of Mark’s published books and numerous other essays are linked on his website www.moenkopimemories.org He retired from teaching in 2021 and now spends his home time writing, playing music, and woodworking. His seventh complete work of creative nonfiction will be completed sometime in 2024. In his free time, he and his wife spend as much time as possible hiking, skiing, ocean kayaking, bicycling, and camping.

Haylee Williamson, Artisan

Hi! My name is Haylee and I love crafts. Knitting, crocheting, cross stitch, jewelry making, digital art, you name it. I also adore reading. I’m a stay at home mom to two beautiful boys who are also autistic and mostly nonverbal. My sweet, hardworking husband loves computers and has the most amazing memory for obscure movie quotes. We both grew up here in the Salt Lake Valley, but spent nearly 7 years in Kentucky and just recently moved back.

Ysabella Howard, Artisan

Our vibe is to inspire and to be inspired. That is why our jewelry is practical yet beautiful. Hand-made & hand-picked with water-resistant, tarnish-resistant, and hypoallergenic materials that can withstand the grunt of everyday wear. 

Bijou - stands for something delicate, elegant, or highly prized. Étoile is French for 'Star' and signifies my two boys - named after two of the brightest stars in the night sky. Stars inspire us and captivate us. Bijou Étoile originated for my love of jewelry and gifting. Asian/Female-owned business in the heart of Salt Lake City, Utah.

Sarah Timmons, Artist

My name is Sarah Beth which is a nod to the strong women in my life. My mom was Mary Beth and her mom was Betty. We all carry the name Elizabeth and my paintings are a reflection of our connections and the loss when they both passed. I’m originally from Oceanside, CA and moved to Logan in the fall of 2005. While living in Logan and going to Utah State for Folklore and History I completely fell in love with Utah and really haven’t left since. I have two wacky little boys, a crazy red heeler and a very patient husband.

Lewis Westbrook, Artist & Writer

Lewis Figun Westbrook (he/they) will always prefer their bio be some kind of joke but apparently that isn’t very professional. They are a queer writer of too many genres and artist of too many things. Lewis grew up in New Jersey where the trees are thick enough to inspire fantasies of magic and a suspicion of secrets in the most mundane places. They now live in Utah with their partners and found family. There, the buildings are short enough to remind you that an adventure is always closer than you expect. He is currently published in Love Gone Wrong, a horror anthology, and The Paper Crow, an online literary journal. Find them on most social media @lewisrllw or look for them in local queer shops (bonus points if they have books or art!)

USED BOOK SIDEWALK SALE: Looking for a deal on used books? As part of Local Showcase, Brain Food Books will be hosting a sidewalk sale of gently used (like new) books. Everything purchased contributes to our fundraising efforts to support literacy in Utah.100% of the sales will go to getting new books into the hands of those without regular access. Most items are under $10! Come browse our stacks of fascinating books in all genres and for all age groups.

Event date: 
Friday, May 17, 2024 - 6:00pm to 8:00pm
Event address: 
The King's English Bookshop
1511 S 1500 E
Salt Lake City, UT 84105