Pintxos + Libros presents Clayton Szczech

For Pintxos + Libros this month, join author Clayton Szczech for an in-person discussion about his illustrated book, A Field Guide to Tequila. This in-person event is open to the public and will take place at the Finca Pintxos Bar (126 Regent St., Salt Lake City, UT 84111).

Seating is limited! Reserve your ticket here. Your $67 ticket includes admittance, 2 cocktails and 3 tequila tastings curated by Szczech to pair with Pintxos from Finca Pintxos Bar.

You may purchase a signed book for the event separately through this link, or through the King’s English.

Pre-order your signed copy of A Field Guide to Tequila today, by either calling the store at 801-484-9100 or ordering online. Please specify if you will be attending the event and if you want your book personalized. If you cannot make this event, signed copies of A Field Guide to Tequila may be ordered from our website.

About the book:

For the tequila curious and the tequila connoisseur alike, a complete, illustrated guide to one of the world’s most popular spirits.
Time to put away the shot glass—tequila long ago left its spring break clichés in the dust. Today, it is not just a sophisticated global phenomenon but is poised to surpass vodka to become the number one spirit in the U.S. by sales. Which means there’s no better time for A Field Guide to Tequila, the new bible on this popular spirit.

Whether you’re already an aficionado who likes to slow-sip an artisanal extra-añejo or a margarita lover curious about your favorite drink and what makes it special, A Field Guide to Tequila takes you step by step into everything that makes tequila tequila, from how it came about, to how it’s made, to how to select, taste, and serve it. Beginning with the origin of every bottle of tequila—the unique blue agave (which is actually much closer, biologically, to a lily than a cactus)—it’s all here: The life cycle of the blue agave and the complex process of turning it into liquor (hint: There’s harvesting, steaming, roasting, and—still in use in one legendary distillery—working mules). The five classes of tequila, including the unfortunate myth of blanco’s inferiority. How to read a tequila label. The seventeen tequila producers to know and brands you need to explore, from giants of the industry like Patrón and José Cuervo to traditionalists, artisans, and innovators, including Tapatío, Siete Leguas, Ocho, G4, and Cava de Oro. The real deal with so many celebrity tequila brands, a phenomenon that started with Bing Crosby. How to set up a tequila tasting. A complete guide to tequila tourism, including dos and don’ts for visiting the town of Tequila, best times to go, essential stops, and a glossary of Spanish. Oh, and a recipe for a best-ever margarita, plus three other classic tequila cocktails, including the Rolling Stones’ favorite, the tequila sunrise.

With its striking visuals and appealing package, A Field Guide to Tequila is a go-to reference that felicitously also feels like a real gift book—and vice versa.

Event date: 
Sunday, November 19, 2023 - 6:00pm
Event address: 
Finca Pintxos Bar
126 Regent St.
Salt Lake City, UT 84111
A Field Guide to Tequila: What It Is, Where It’s From, and How to Taste It By Clayton J. Szczech Cover Image
ISBN: 9781648291487
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Artisan - October 3rd, 2023