Garden Notes: Thoughts on Gardening, Ecology, and Sustainability by Fred Montague

University of Utah Biology Professor Emeritus Fred Montague is a Utah institution. Anyone who has had the privilege of taking one of his classes or hearing a lecture knows the value of not only what he says, but how he says it. His mantra of sustainable gardening extends far beyond his recommendation for raised vegetable beds in your garden, reaching into the worlds of population growth, resource depletion and biodiversity loss.  After retiring from academia, Montague wrote a series of articles for the Catalyst magazine on various gardening and sustainability topics. Following the success of his hand-lettered and hand-illustrated masterpiece, Gardening: an Ecological Approach (Mountain Bear Ink, 2009, $48), Montague has compiled the magazine articles into this beautifully hand-bound, limited edition. Featuring topics from "Soil Matters" to "GMOs", Montague once again offers specific tips for not only reducing your carbon footprint through gardening, but has made us a little smarter and savvier along the way. – Robert Eckman