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Google eBooks

With Google eBooks™ you can store your library of books in the cloud, access them at any time, and read them on devices you already own.

Google eBooks
Google eBooks Devices

Choose from devices you already own

No need to buy a new contraption. Read Google eBooks on your desktop, laptop, tablet, iPad, iPhone, Droid, or dedicated reading device.

Google eBooks Devices

Switch between multiple devices!

Always pick up right where you left off, even if you switch between devices. Your Google eBooks library will remember which page you were on and always return you safely to the same spot.

Two ways to discover and explore

Filter your book search for ebooks only. Select "eBooks" from the search bar to filter your search.

Google eBooks settings

Welcome to your personalized reading experience

Google eBooks™ allow you to increase font size, switch fonts, and even adjust the line height of the text to create your own optimal reading experience.

Other Formats

Along with Google eBooks, The King's English also offers these reading options:

Download your ebooks onto any device compatible with Adobe Digital Editions.

Download and read on desktops, laptops, and windows mobile devices.

The format formerly known as Palm Reader, works on desktops, laptops, and a wide range of devices compatible with the eReader software (including iPhone and iPad).