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Introducing Kobo, Our New eReading Partner--a more sophisticated and successful solution to e-reading than we’ve had before. This e-reader has been in use globally—often in preference to Amazon. And now they’re available in the U.S.—at independent bookstores! E-books ordered through Kobo (they have a 3 million+ inventory) can be read on any device. Come into the store to try one out!

And now we are happy to offer Kobo Arc, available in 16GB, 32 GB, and 64 GB, starting at $199.99. Kobo Arc is designed to simplify your life by bringing the content you love to the surface. It gives you a custom user experience that offers unmatched freedom to personalize and organize your content into visually dynamic themes. Enjoy eBooks, magazines, music, and movies on a brilliant HD screen optimized for all reading conditions. Kobo Arc also has a built-in discovery feature that actively finds new content connected to your evolving interests. You won’t need to spend time searching for that next great read or new song, as discovery does the work for you and brings it right to your fingertips.

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