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Kirstin Scott is the author of the novel Motherlungewhich won the AWP Prize for the Novel  and the Utah Original Writing Competition.

Her short stories have appeared in Alaska Quarterly Review, Hayden’s Ferry Review, Sonora Review, Western Humanities Review, PANK,  and elsewhere.

She works as a medical writer and lives in Chiapas, Mexico with her family.

She is currently working on a novel about a gynecologist named Ajax.

Motherlunge is an eloquent and irreverent novel about first sex, true love, chronic sibling rivalry; it's about the deepest fear of young (and not-so-young) adulthood: the fear of inheriting a disappointing life. It's motherly advice, too---featuring wigs, dogs, road trips, and medicine---a guide to the essential experiences of being female, "born unto a librarian, named for the goddess of sight," waiting for the future to arrive. With sly wit and surprising joy, Motherlunge considers the flaws in the family line and celebrates the promise that staggers alongside.

Motherlunge reviews

Funny and smart---in Thea and those around her Scott has created
characters we believe in and wish well, characters who feel
real---strange and sad and happy, like real people are.
---Publishers Weekly (starred review, Pick of the Week)

Impressive---Scott renders wonderfully offbeat characters in crisp,
polished prose.
---Booklist (starred review)

An immensely satisfying read. Scott has a particular talent for bleak
humor...[and] writes in a way that seems intuitive, honest, and full
of love. Motherlunge is an excellent examination of anxiety over
expectation, over inevitability.... Do seek out this book.
---Sara Habein, Gently Read Literature

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Published: New Issues Poetry and Prose - January 8th, 2013